Dr. Sadigh | Thanking WHO?
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Thanking WHO?

20 Nov Thanking WHO?

A nicely browned broiled turkey has been prepared with much love and care, sitting in the middle of table garnished with assorted seasonal vegetables. Around the table grandfather, grandmother, parents, family members, and close friends are holding hands. Heads are bowed down and eyes are closed as they show gratitude for all their blessings. This is a beautiful moment experienced by most people in different homes and towns across the country. So many cherish this experience, but are all of them thankful for the same reasons? Are they all at awe with the same provider?

We often see ourselves as the lucky receivers of endless favors, thus we affectionately show gratitude to the divine and count our blessings. After all we are merciful for being in the positions that we are in. We are aware that at any moment we can lose what is given to us and things can go wrong. We pray for the sustenance of what we have received throughout the years, while looking forward to future with the hope of continued blessings.

On Thanksgiving Day we are accustomed to showing gratitude for the things that we have gained, the people who have supported us and the heavens that have provided for us; but, how many people do you know that acknowledge themselves as the providers of what they have received? How many of us are thankful for who we are or how well we are living the gifts of life? Who is thanking him or herself for working diligently, loving kindly, caring enthusiastically, dedicating effortlessly, building successfully, giving compassionately, or just living confidently? Who is showing appreciation for his or her own authenticity and creativity?

In my experiences with different clients, friends, and family members I have rarely come across those who can say they honor themselves, truly love themselves, appreciate how they do things, or simply are grateful for all they are. I see amazing people powerful enough to bring happiness to others, yet stop short of recognizing themselves as the source of their own happiness. They forget to notice what is it that drives them to accomplish things or how earnestly they have applied themselves in serving others. These folks are merciful to others and every visible or invisible power behind things, but they are not able to see how they are the creators as well. They are blind to their own powers and may even forget that it is their personal strengths that drive them to success. They look for a light outside of them for direction since they have not opened up their eyes to the light within. Although they appreciate their lucky stars, they are not necessarily valuing their own lights.

Once a life-style is built around self-care, self-love, and self-worth every day and every moment can be celebrated as Thanksgiving. A life based on accepting personal responsibilities and applying self-respect is naturally rewarded by abundance and deserves appreciation. Those who are healthy and well-balanced apply diligent care at every step of the way; they do not give up to the obstacles on the road, and show self-appreciation for staying the course. These happy people believe in eight steps that are built upon each other to reach a joyful balance:

Considering physiological wellbeing by exercising and creating flow in our bodies Self-educating and increasing mental alertness by utilizing our intelligence Being aware of sensitivities and realizing emotions by being present to our feelings Building healthy relationships and maintaining appropriate boundaries by connecting with others
Having fun with life and being playful to reduce tension by applying self-love Sustaining order and creating beauty in that process by managing an efficient habitat Believing and cherishing a connection with the universe and the natural flow of things by seeing self as part of whole Creating, accumulating, and giving values to self and others by believing in abundance

Trusting in a system of self-motivation that works based on a cycle of inputting intention and attention eventually brings the output of health and success. The core of such trust is in taking appropriate action and following the steps with awareness.

Creation is an endless process. Just like a plant, creation is in the seeds that produce trees: the tree bears fruits and then the fruits have seeds that are planted again to create more trees. In such a world of abundance a creator never stops creating and the benefits keep on giving. If we believe in that, then each of us can be the hard-working producers of our lives and thankful for what we bring in to this world. The responsibility of producing and protecting requires a sense of security, without which everything will be lost. Security is possible by having a healthy holding environment such as our physical being. Once security is jeopardized all the amenities stop giving, all the favors get lost, and nothing of value can be created. Respecting our bodies while trusting its connection to the natural flow of the universe allows us to be thankful for the space we are holding as individuals.

On this Thanksgiving thank yourself for who you are, what you accomplish, and how you give to the world. You are a spark of the divine and your light brightens your environment. Without cherishing this power you cannot be refueled, so celebrate the beauties that you create and fearlessly value your actions. With every breath connect with the abundant life that you are a part of, be proud of yourself, appreciate what you achieve, and love what you do. Happiness is only possible when you can see the pleasures of life as the rewards to your inner beauty.