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30 Nov Beyond Thanksgiving: The ACT of Giving

I am habitually thankful for the food on my table, the money in my pocket, the physical capabilities that I maintain, the mental health required for making my decisions, my family members' aptitude for prosperity, and most importantly for our self-sufficiency to support ourselves and...

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20 Nov Thanking WHO?

A nicely browned broiled turkey has been prepared with much love and care, sitting in the middle of table garnished with assorted seasonal vegetables. Around the table grandfather, grandmother, parents, family members, and close friends are holding hands. Heads are bowed down and eyes are...

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26 Oct Be Aware of Love

Being in love is such an abstract notion, yet so meaningful. Its spectrum covers from hope to despair and its magnitude is as enormous as life or death. It can make one impatient and crazy, or it can generate motivation and resilience. It can bring...

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26 Oct Making Mistakes

I can never forget the fourth grade of elementary school. Our math teacher, Mrs. H, had a wooden ruler for punishing us anytime we made mistakes in answering her questions. She lined us up against the wall and expected us to stretch our hands out,...

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26 Oct Trust…..Or Not?

My son was six years old when he trusted his friend for taking care of his pet iguana for a week. Our family was going on a trip and my son’s biggest concern was the arrangements for taking care of his iguana while we were...

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