Family Counseling

Family-Therapy-300x199Family Therapy: Individuals are best understood through their relationships to their entire family. The problematic relationships in a household are seen in the context of the family members’ expressions in that unit, as any change in one member can affect the whole family. An individual’s symptoms are just an indication of relational patterns and by using a systemic perspective I change the system in order to change the individual’s issues. By the way that each family functions, subconsciously, certain roles get assigned to each member and each individual acts accordingly to fulfill the part. Through changing the dysfunctional patterns and releasing the individual from the assigned role I promote more functional interactions, which results in more personal freedom and peace. A healthy family is the core of our community and every child deserves a stable emotional environment.

Are you suffering from a dysfunctional family? Do you have difficulty communicating with your loved ones? Call Dr. Sadigh for a free phone consult: 323-997-9001.

Complementary 20 min Phone Consultation

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