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“Together we can make a world that is constantly changing in our best interest”

Why Dr. Sadigh?

Emotional, relational, and psychological support requires trust in provider’s understanding and care. Dr. Sadigh’s numerous clients have attested to his genuine interest in providing empathy and most effective techniques in the process of bringing them back to comfort and balance. His active listening and effective style of communication in combination with use of Somatic Psychotherapy and EMDR facilitates healing beyond use of medication and resolves depressed or anxious feelings.

How I Can Help?

After a 15 minute complementary phone interview and attending an initial consultation session Dr. Sadigh evaluates a client’s condition. Together with his client’s choice and acceptance they practice the necessary steps towards positive improvements. The number of required sessions depends on each individual’s case.

When I Can Help?

Crisis intervention is the first step in recovery. Often clients attempt to be in therapy after a long time beyond a traumatic event. The ideal choice is to resolve situations as they arise and seek support accordingly.

Complementary 20 min Phone Consultation

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