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My Books

My books are a great way to get familiarized with my teachings and create balance in your life.

Balancing the Wheel

Balancing the Wheel is a tool for healing your life. In this practical approach for improving your health, raising your happiness, and gaining more success, you learn what it means to live a well-balanced lifestyle and why you are required to make continuous adjustments in eight different aspects of your life.

Sex-Less Marriage

Marriage without sex is like a plant without roots, it eventually dries up and dies. This book dives into the differences in how men and women view sex. If you ever wonder why your significant other doesn’t show interest in sex, or if you feel rejected when being intimate this book provides practical solutions and a framework for improving your sexual relations.

The Iron Tree

Nature is our greatest teacher. In this book, we look at the Iron Tree and take some lessons from it – specifically how we can be grounded in our roots and create a foundation for growth. By looking at nature we will create a path for prosperity and productivity.